Full Name King Bowser Koopa
First Appearance (Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland) To Sleep or Not to Sleep
Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland Portrayer Lou Ferrigno
"I can build another castle, but you can't build another princess!"
— Bowser to Mario, after Mario said that Yoshi would eat his castle until Princess Peach was retrieved.

King Bowser Koopa, commonly referred to as Bowser, is the main antagonist of the Super Mario series and the King of the Koopas, as well as a recurring protagonist during the events of Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland.

He is a good friend to Ling Xiaoyu, Nina Williams, Anna Williams, Christie Monteiro, and the entire Rocko Squad, but Alisa Bosconovitch is his best friend.

MishimaBot and Bowser both have one of Hulk's voice actors in Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland. MishimaBot has Fred Tatasciore and Bowser has Lou Ferrigno.