Full Name Kathy
First Appearance (Barney and the Rocko Squad) Barney's Visit (standard)
Let's Go to the Movies (clips)
Barney and the Rocko Squad Portrayer Lauren King
"You know, I think it's time for all of us to be getting home..."
— Kathy during a classic Barney & Friends clip.

Kathy, referred to Evil-Man as Spider Girl, was a character that appeared in the first generation of Barney & Friends, and returns in Barney and the Rocko Squad as one of Ling Xiaoyu's friends, not just one of Barney's friends.

Kathy has a hard time staying awake in her Rocko franchise television show (she always stays awake in her original show), and when she sleeps, she snores to obviously get Evil-Man angry.

Kathy's voice actress is Lauren King.

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