Full Name Luna
First Appearance (Xianghua in Rockoland) Welcome, Sleepy Friends!
Xianghua in Rockoland Portrayer Janice Kawaye
"You're certainly a handful. I shall remember your name, as you are the-- zzzzzz..."
— Luna falling asleep in Soul Calibur III's Chronicles of the Sword mode.

Luna is the third Soul series bonus character to visit the Rocko Squad (the first two were Ashlotte Maedel and Angol Fear Drowsy-Type). She is a sleepy, orphan girl raised in the kingdom of Dalkia to become one of their finest soldiers. Her best friend during the events of Xianghua in Rockoland is Goldbot.

As she is always falling asleep, she snores loudly like the other Xianghua in Rockoland females, and Evil-Man dislikes this a lot. If this were to happen in Soul Calibur III's Chronicles of the Sword mode, a Decisive Battle involving Luna will cause her to say "You're certainly a handful. I shall remember your name, as you are the--", fall to the floor of the stage she was supposed to fight on, and start snoring, meaning that she fell fast asleep. This will cause the player to automatically win the fight.

Luna was the third character to die in quicksand in the Rocko franchise, after Talim and Amy, but Crash Gordon revived her in the same episode that she died in when Alisa Bosconovitch told him that she wanted her friend back and that she wanted him to leave.

Luna was the first character to be hypnotized by Pegosaurus. This is because she wanted to be hypnotized.

Janice Kawaye, who also voiced Jenny in My Life as a Teenage Robot, voices Luna in Xianghua in Rockoland.