Full Name Prim Reaper
First Appearance (Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland) Alisa's Journey to Sleepiness
First Appearance (Barney and the Rocko Squad) Alisa's Purple Friend
First Appearance (Xianghua in Rockoland) Good Nighty Night!
First Appearance (The Rocko Squad Meets Pippi) Unconfirmed
Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland Portrayer Isaac C. Singleton, Jr.
Barney and the Rocko Squad Portrayer Isaac C. Singleton, Jr.
Xianghua in Rockoland Portrayer Isaac C. Singleton, Jr.
The Rocko Squad Meets Pippi Portrayer Isaac C. Singleton, Jr.
"Rocko Squad update!!!"
— Prim notifying Alisa Bosconovitch that there is a new Rocko Squad member.

Prim Reaper, also known as just Prim, is the thirteenth Rocko Squad member. He looks like an Egyptian pyramid, albeit smaller in size.

Prim is also the final member to join the Rocko Squad, therefore there won't be any more updates to the team.

Prim's voice actor in every Rocko Squad television show is Sagat's Street Fighter IV voice actor - Isaac C. Singleton, Jr.

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