Rock Buddy
Rock Buddy
Full Name Rock Buddy
First Appearance (Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland) Alisa Meets the Squad
First Appearance (Barney and the Rocko Squad) Enter the Rocko Squad
First Appearance (Xianghua in Rockoland) Rock Power!
First Appearance (The Rocko Squad Meets Pippi) Pippi Falls Asleep
Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland Portrayer Michael McConnohie
Barney and the Rocko Squad Portrayer Brian Bloom
Xianghua in Rockoland Portrayer Mel Brooks
The Rocko Squad Meets Pippi Portrayer Darren Daniels
— Rock Buddy giving Alisa an update.

Rock Buddy is a rock, hence his name, and is also the Rocko Squad's commander-in-chief, as well as Meteorite's grandson. He isn't as harsh as Evil-Man when his friends are sleeping.

Rock Buddy received his name from SpongeBob SquarePants after he said "Rock Buddy! Nope..." in one episode.

He argued with Evil-Man in the third episode of Xianghua in Rockoland, which was called Too Much Sleeping!, to figure out what Xianghua and Alisa should be doing. Rock Buddy said "Take a nap" and Evil-Man yelled "Rockobots". Rock Buddy was the argument's winner and as a result, Alisa and Xianghua ended up falling asleep and snoring as well.

In Barney and the Rocko Squad, Rock Buddy was the first character to steal the Wonder Words Basket from Wonder Red. He then decided to keep it for himself...until Jin Kazama noticed this. Also in Barney and the Rocko Squad, Rock Buddy is Veruca Salt's father.

Prior to the Rocko franchise, B.J. stole his line used when he gives Alisa an update by saying "RUN FOR IT GUYS! HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!".

In Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland, Rock Buddy and Evil-Man always keep track on how many times Ling Xiaoyu cried throughout the show. According to Evil-Man, Xiaoyu cried fifteen times total during the show. He also keeps track of her crying alongside Spader during the events of The Rocko Squad Meets Pippi.

In Barney and the Rocko Squad, he was voiced by Brian Bloom, who also voiced Captain America in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. His voice actor in Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland is Michael McConnohie, who also voiced Astaroth in many games in the Soul series. In Xianghua in Rockoland, he was voiced by Mel Brooks, who is also known for voicing Bigweld in the Blue Sky Studios film called Robots. His voice actor in The Rocko Squad Meets Pippi is Darren Daniels, who previously voiced Jin Kazama. Rock Buddy's voice actor in Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland is also Dr. Feelbetter's voice actor in the classic Bloopy's Buddies clips during Barney and the Rocko Squad, as well as Roger-Roger's voice actor for Xianghua in Rockoland.