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Sleeping Xianghua!
Episode 8 - Sleeping Xianghua
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Sleepy Time at Rocko Base!
So... Very... Tired...


Sleeping Xianghua! is the eighth Xianghua in Rockoland episode.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Chai Xianghua is repeatedly falling asleep similar to an on-and-off rainfall - falling asleep after a few seconds, waking up later on, falling asleep again, waking up again, and so on. Amy is having a little problem as well - she's stuck and she's sinking.


The characters are listed by the order of their appearance:

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  • Strangely, Xianghua wears her Soul Calibur II outfit on the title card, but she wears her Soul Calibur III outfit in the actual episode.
  • Amy Sorel died in a quicksand trap in the Rocko Base floor in this episode, but Crash Gordon revived her when he was defeated.
  • In the Bonus Sink portion of this episode, Talim was the character to sink.

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