Sleep Powder R

The powerful sleepy powder.

"It's like someone sprayed sleepy powder in the zzzzzz..."
— Sakura Kasugano being affected by the sleepy powder.

Sleepy powder is identical to Sleep Powder, which is a move that was introduced in the first generation of Pokémon. It was sprayed all over the living room during the ninth episode of Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland, otherwise known as Sleepy in the Base. The logbook says that sleepy powder is "a powerful powder that puts any girl to sleep".

This is what happened to everyone during the effects of the sleepy powder:

  1. Ling Xiaoyu fell asleep on the sofa.
  2. Evil-Man became very angry.
  3. Alisa Bosconovitch fell asleep.
  4. Evil-Man got angrier.
  5. Sakura Kasugano entered the living room, then she fell to the floor and fell fast asleep.
  6. Evil-Man got confused and didn't know what sleepy powder was.
  7. Rock Buddy went to the logbook to figure out what sleepy powder was.
  8. Evil-Man told Alisa, Xiaoyu, and Sakura to wake up or he would tell them on Mrs. Bosconovitch, Panda, and Ryu, respectively.
  9. Crash Gordon entered Rocko Base and it was revealed that he invented the sleepy powder.
  10. Everyone fell asleep after Crash Gordon was blasted out of Rocko Base.
  11. Scizor appeared and cut Sakura and Xiaoyu, forcing them to start crying until General Salt got them a band aid.
  12. Xiaoyu fell asleep after an argument with Shrek.
  13. Miharu Hirano entered the living room and fell asleep as soon as she stepped on the blue Rocko symbol on the floor.
  14. Rock Buddy called for Julia Chang and she entered the living room, but fell asleep because of the powder's strength.
  15. General Salt disposes of the strong powder and everyone wakes up.