Full Name SpringBoob SquirePin the Stinkbug
First Appearance (Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland) Sweet Dreams, Asuka
First Appearance (Barney and the Rocko Squad) Alisa's Purple Friend
First Appearance (Xianghua in Rockoland) Xianghua's Sleepy Moments!
Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland Portrayer Kyle Herbert
Barney and the Rocko Squad Portrayer Mark Hamill
Xianghua in Rockoland Portrayer David Vincent
"I'm starting to feel better already? What does THAT mean?!"
— SquirePin being all confused to what Alisa said to Xiaoyu in the Tekken film. 

SpringBoob SquirePin the Stinkbug, commonly referred to as SquirePin the Stinkbug or just SquirePin, is a stink bug, hence his name. He does not cause a terrible smell when he is stepped on, unlike other stink bugs. He got his name from the lines "And the winner is... SpringBoob SquirePin." and "Hey! SpringBoob SquirePin stole my idea!" from a SpongeBob SquarePants episode

In his premiere episode during Xianghua in Rockoland, Ling Xiaoyu thought he was part of the Rocko Squad, but he wasn't. He has no team in particular.

His voice actors are the following:

  • Alisa's Adventures in Rockoland has him share his voice actor with Kazuya Mishima - Kyle Herbert.
  • Barney and the Rocko Squad has him voiced by Mark Hamill, well known for Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films.
  • Xianghua in Rockoland has him voiced by David Vincent, who also voiced Shin Kamiya and Garchomp.

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