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Xianghua's Sleepy Memories!
Episode 18 - Xianghua's Sleepy Moments!
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Xianghua's Sleepy Moments! is the eighteenth Xianghua in Rockoland episode.

Plot SynopsisEdit

The girls are all having fun at Rocko Base with the Rocko Squad! Some friends, such as Talim and Metal Pyrrha, come over to pay a visit. The girls are very sleepy, and they even talk in their sleep... Who knows who can wake them?!?!


The characters are listed in order of their appearance.

Also SeeEdit


  • When Xianghua closes her eyes and falls asleep, her purple eye shadow can be seen. This is the first Xianghua in Rockoland to include Xianghua wearing makeup.
  • The alternative name for this episode is Xianghua's Sleepy Memories!.
  • Despite that the plot says that the girls talk in their sleep during the episode, no one talks in their sleep in the actual episode.

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